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Ageless Art: Harold Garde

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Posted on December 30th, 2008 at 4:58 pm

If there's anyone to hold up as an example of Growing Bolder, it's Harold Garde. Now in his 80s, Harold has been painting for more than five decades. His creative process is stronger and better than ever, and his work will grab your attention.

At age 85, Harold says he's keenly aware that time is more precious than ever. But he refuses to spend less of it experimenting and taking chances. He says the day he starts to think that he is running out of time to experiment is the day he packs everything up.  Luckily for us, he continues to discover new ways to create eye-popping works of art.

Want to learn more about Harold?

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  • Posted 4:50pm January 21st, 2009
    Dear Mr. Garde,

    I truly enjoyed seeing your work. I believe your artistic sensibility is close to that of my father's. I wonder what you might think of his work. Please see it: www.nazarianart.com
    Continue to paint with so much wonderful color!

  • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
    GB Staff
    Posted 10:55am January 10th, 2009
    Harold is not only an amazing artist, he is one of the most gracious people I have ever met! I found myself "buying" a lot of his pieces straight off the museum wall ... I knew I couldn't actually take any home, but mentally, I found room for almost all of the work on my walls!

    I especially loved the pieces on the second floor -- the komono series. If you live near the Museum of Florida Art, I *strongly urge you to check this exhibit out.

  • Posted 4:33pm January 8th, 2009
    Harold, we are just about the same age and I have to say it's great to see you showing everybody else how it's done! You're right, our time on this earth is running quite short, but that just makes the fruits of our labor that much sweeter! You have inspired me.

  • Posted 4:23pm January 8th, 2009

    Harold, keep on experimenting! Am proud of you and hope there is something of your strappos in the movie. The gallery looks great!


  • Posted 4:21pm January 8th, 2009
    Here's to you, Mister Harold Garde.  I absolutely love your work. Very BOLD. What I like most is that it has the energy of a young man's work. The tension is palpable. I find your paintings unsettling, just like my late husband. Keep up the good work. I can tell from this great video that you are not only a talented man but also a bright man.

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