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The Faces That Made Norman Rockwell Famous

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Posted on May 15th, 2008 at 10:55 am

Norman Rockwell was our nation's most beloved artist. He had always used professional models until he moved next door to the Edgerton family. Their faces are immortalized in some of the artist's most beloved works.

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famous - valuable - edgerton - painting - saturday evening post - art - rockwell - norman rockwell - crafts - models - collectible - museum

Entertainment - Arts, GB Topics - Big Names, GB Topics - The Way It Was, GB Topics - Unforgettable Characters

art - museum - models - crafts - rockwell - norman rockwell - famous - collectible - edgerton - saturday evening post - painting - valuable

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  • Posted 3:41pm May 25th, 2008
    I am Ardis Clark's cousin and want you to know that the video interview that you did with her was wonderful.  I too modeled a few times for Mr. Rockwell and was in total awe of the man.  His wife, Mary was a very generous person.  Being 5 years old I was thrilled to go to her library where she did "story time" and allowed us to "checkout" books.  Thank you so much  for such a wonderful media.

  • Posted 1:46pm May 16th, 2008
    This is one of my favorite stories, to hear what this lady had to say about Norman Rockwell, and he was one of my favorite artists! I still love to look at his work. I'm one of those many people who grew up with Norman Rockwell & Saturday Evening Post.

  • Posted 7:59pm May 15th, 2008
    My aunt was an artist, friends with Rockwell.  She was the avant-garde one in his little artists' colony of mostly illustrators.

    And she modeled in a lot of his illustrations.  I'm pretty sure she is Louisa May Alcott in a series of pictures.  Somebody in my extended family has a few of the originals.

    Later my aunt became a very successful dress designer.

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