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Ian Anderson

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Posted on October 24th, 2007 at 3:45 pm

For nearly 40 years, Ian Anderson and his group Jethro Tull have been playing sold-out concerts around the world, and at the age of 60, Ian has no plans of slowing down.

He is recognized as the man who introduced the flute to rock music, and to this day, he's still the undisputed king. He told Growing Bolder that he's totally self-taught, which spawned his free-style way of playing the wind instrument.

Besides the music, which he is still cranking out at a frenetic pace -- he's also passionate about his wife of 27 years, educating the public on deep vein thrombosis -- something he survived -- and the conservation of 26 species of small wildcats across the world.

Take a few moments to get to know the voice behind rock classics like "Aqualung" and "Bungle in the Jungle." He's unlike any other rock legend.

For more information on Jethro Tull's latest albums, as well as Ian's solo projects, click here.

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  • Posted 4:53pm May 20th, 2009
    I have always admired Ian Anderson... and it is good to catch up with him today...

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