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"I'm Yours" by the Ukulele Kid

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Posted on April 15th, 2010 at 11:17 am

When we came across this video we just couldn't resist!

At Growing Bolder, we are big fans of Bill Tapia. 

At the age of 101, he's the oldest working musician in the world!

Bill bought his first ukulele in 1915. It cost him just 75 cents. In the 1930s her pioneered the Hawaiian Swing sound.

You'll be amazed if you listen to his interview from the Growing Bolder Radio Show.

And who knows, maybe this young man will be the next Bill Tapia! You have to love his style!

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Entertainment - Music


musician - music - prodigy - i'm yours - kid - ukulele - cute

Entertainment - Music

musician - kid - i'm yours - prodigy - ukulele - music - cute

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