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Inside the Folk Den

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Posted on April 30th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

Since 1995, Byrds founder Roger McGuinn has worked to keep the legacy of American folk music alive. Every month, he records a song for his Grammy-nominated Folk Den project. This is an exclusive inside look.

Be sure to check out Roger's page on Growing Bolder

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Total Length: 07:25 Views: 15,873 Comments: 7 Favorited: 3 Rating: 5 Votes: 8


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concert - folk den - exclusive - computers - jazz - blues - the byrds - singing - technology - roger mcguinn - recording - music

Entertainment - Music, GB Topics - Big Names, Technology - Computers, GB Exclusives - GB Rocks

technology - jazz - singing - the byrds - roger mcguinn - computers - blues - concert - folk den - recording - exclusive - music

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  • Posted 10:04pm May 4th, 2008

    Thanks for the tip on this site! Love that video, Your a true talent!


  • Posted 7:27pm May 4th, 2008
    That's amazing that you can do so much right there at your desk!  Thanks for giving us an insight into how it's done.

  • Posted 4:24pm May 4th, 2008
    Great story!  Even my teenage son loved it.  It's fun to watch a genius at work.

  • Posted 3:01pm May 2nd, 2008
    ~ Loved this story. I enjoy singing & listening to music. You should do another segment like this some time in the near future! The way it was all put together was really great! 

  • Posted 10:38pm May 1st, 2008

    Way to go Mary!!!

                     Jacqueline Du Puis from Sing Live

  • Posted 5:18pm May 1st, 2008
    Very cool watching the process & looking forward to hearing the finished product in the Folk Den.  It's wonderful to know that these great songs are not lost forever in a radio hip-hop mix - generations to come will be able to share this legacy of what may be the only real  American music -great job-my best-MF Foster

  • Posted 5:07pm May 1st, 2008
    A rare insight into how Roger builds the completed song from scratch.

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