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Jay Warner

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Posted on January 17th, 2009 at 6:46 am

Jay Warner is a six-time Grammy-winning music publisher who is fascinated by and passionate about his business. He likes to see the big picture by taking a historical perspective.

That's why he wrote "Notable Moments of Women in Music." The book crosses all genres and all eras to recap some of the seminal moments of song.

He chose to write about the most innovative, inspiring and courageous artists, from torch singers to gospel, from vaudeville to heavy metal.

You'll hear him talk about the lessons of the past and where we're headed in the future. The music industry has undergone a world of change. Hear how Jay believes it's about to change again!

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Entertainment - Music
GB Topics - Big Names
GB Topics - The Way It Was
Entertainment - Books
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janis joplin - grammy - madonna - notable moments of women in music - melissa etheridge - judy garland - jay warner

Entertainment - Music, Entertainment, GB Topics - Big Names, GB Topics - The Way It Was, Entertainment - Books, GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show

madonna - jay warner - melissa etheridge - judy garland - notable moments of women in music - janis joplin - grammy

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