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The Music of Bob Rafkin

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Posted on July 8th, 2008 at 4:08 pm

Bob Rafkin is everything a great musicians should be, except for one thing. He's not exactly a household name! But he's a true artist, a craftsman who's sound has never been better.

His career began rubbing shoulders with Bob Dylan and the folk scene of the '60s in Greenwich Village. He was an in-demand session player in Los Angeles for years working with the likes of Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Gene Vincent, the Everly Brothers and the Lovin' Spoonful.

In the '70s, the Byrds covered one of Bob's songs, Lazy Waters on their album, Farther Along. He was chosen to write the score for a PBS documentary.

Lately, he's been able to focus on recording his own music. He's entered into a prolific and profound period of introspective songs and melodies that have struck a chord with receptive audiences.

Here is a chance to hear Bob play bits of some of the songs closest to him. It's a great introduction to an unhearalded musician we believe you will delight in discovering! Be sure to leave a comment!

Want to learn more about Bob?

Check out his profile here.
Learn more about his fascinating life's journey here.
Listen to his GB Radio interview here.

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  • Posted 11:22am September 4th, 2008
    Aha, I accidentally commented on your image and not on this video. Bud, I invite you to check out my video on Urine Therapy and read my post under your image. 

    Oh, I just noticed that I copied my previous post, so I'll paste it in here, hope that's OK with the growingbolder folks. Love that concept. If sharing the info I shared in my YouTube video ain't bold, I don't know what is.


    Huh...I found you through someone named Dr. Sally, and now her comment is not here anymore. Anyway, bud, I think my story on YouTube would interest you. It may sound nuts, but it's about urine therapy. Some books that might be of interest to you are: John Armstrong's The Water of Life, Martha Christy's books on Urine Therapy, and a book by Van der Cooen called, I think, The Golden Fountain

    Here's my YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpdDqePm-NQ

    Cheers and keep playin', love your style!

  • Posted 12:42pm August 27th, 2008
    I am so glad that I found your video and story.  I would love to interview you on my radio show, and/or video interviews for the web.

    My shows are on www.blogtalkradio.com/drsallywitt and www.youtube.com/drsallywitt

    I bookmarked this video on digg and stumbleupon.

    You can find me at drsallywitt@gmail.com.  Let me know, I would love to give you some PR to sell a few more recordings.

    Blessings to you and your family,




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