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Wavy Gravy

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Posted on January 10th, 2008 at 4:53 pm

A lifelong activist for peace and personal empowerment, Wavy Gravy has lived his whole life with pure 1960s idealism.

With his wife, Gravy runs a circus and performing arts camp that they've had for 30 years.

At 71, he continues to have a positive outlook on life and he's been called the perfect entertainer. The man who for thousands will always be the face of Woodstock even has a Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor named after him.

Gravy talks to Growing Bolder about his passions for life and how he's made a difference in the lives of others.

For the past several years, Gravy has lived at the Berkeley Hog Farm commune that he refers to as the "hippie Hyannisport." He says intergenerational "intentional communities" are popping up all over the country as people look for a way to reconnect with each other.

He's also passionate about Seva, the nonprofit organization he co-founded in 1978. Its goal is to alleviate suffering caused by disease and poverty in communities around the world. Among its missions is to help prevent blindess and restore vision to the people of India, Nepal, Tibet, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Tanzania and Guatemala. Seva also sponsors outreach programs to assist Native Americans in areas of health and welness and cultural preservation.

Plus, find out why he thinks the children of the '60s, who he says have spent the last several decades chasing "stuff," are now rediscovering the joys of volunteerism and changing the world all over again.

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  • Posted 10:39pm March 21st, 2008
    Wow!  I first met Wavy Gravy on a flight from Chicago to Raleigh Durham in the late 60's or early 70's.  He was on his way to Chapel Hill, NC, for the first Earth Day Celebration.  Also on the plane was Stuart Brand of Whole Earth Catalog fame. 

    I was traveling in my 3-piece suit which was business attire on the plane at the time.  Wavy came on the plane dressed in an orange jump suit with a back pack and this strange musical instrument which the stewardess immediately confiscated and put in the upper luggage rack.  (It looked like a 6-foot gourd with one string and some feathers attached).

    Anyway, Wavy took out a plastic penguin on wheels which had offset feet that flapped on the rug and proceeded to tow it up and down the aisle, preaching about the plight of the antarctic penguins.  The tobacco executives sitting behind me in the smoking section began to get really nervous!

    Eventually, Wavy sat down beside me and bummed a cigarette which I don't think reconciled him with the execs. behind me.  He smiled at me and every tooth in his upper plate was a different color!  He explained that they were knocked out in a bar fight and he decided to make a statement.   He had been freaking out about freaking out for so long that he decided to just freak out and then he wouldn't have to worry about it any more!  Somehow, that made sense to me.

    Wavy Gravy has done a lot of good in this world.

    Peace, brother!


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