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Hank Phillippi Ryan

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Posted on October 22nd, 2008 at 11:57 am

She has recovered millions of dollars for ripped off customers and sent a lot of bad guys to jail, but now consumer reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan is solving the mysteries she has imagined in her own head.

The 24-time Emmy winner has published her first two mystery novels, "Prime Time" and "Face Time." She says she's just writing about what she knows -- the crazy stories and characters she encounters every day at her job in a Boston newsroom.

She also uses her books to make jabs at the youth-obsessed television news industry. Her protagonist is a veteran TV reporter who solves crimes while worrying about losing her job to a younger, female reporter.

Got a question or comment for Hank? Click here to check out her GrowingBolder.com profile page!

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