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Susan Silver

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Posted on November 18th, 2006 at 10:26 pm

After years working for the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart and Maude, writer Susan Silver is still continuing her comedic ways and is being more creative as to how she does it.

Silver, a regular on the GB Radio show, is a boomer issue expert and doesn't keep her interesting observations to herself. But Silver keeps herself busy as a regular on another show-- the Today Show on NBC.

Silver (who admits even she lies about her age) talks about living in New York City, and trying to meet men.  It's so hard, she stopped looking for Mr. Right, and lowered her standards to Mr. Adequate!

To listen to previous interviews with Susan, check out these links:

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  • Posted 4:07pm August 16th, 2009
    Beautiful and bright woman with insight

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