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Healthy 100: Activity

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Posted on February 1st, 2012 at 6:56 pm

Activity is an important part of the longevity lifestyle. We've all heard the old saying "use it or lose it" -- that's true when it comes to the body and the mind. Find out more about the mind-body connection.

Florida Hospital Foundation President Des Cummings Jr. is the author "8 Secrets of a Healthy 100: What You Can Learn From the All-Stars of Longevity."

He's going to be sharing those secrets in a new series of videos called Healthy 100 Minutes.

Take a moment and learn how you too can live a long, healthy and vibrant life.

For many more resources, including age and wellness calculators and expert podcasts, click here to visit Healthy100.org.

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GB Exclusives - GB Minutes - Healthy 100 Minutes
GB Exclusives
GB Exclusives - GB Minutes


des cummings jr. - 8 secrets of a healthy 100 - healthy 100 minute - h100 - 100

GB Exclusives - GB Minutes - Healthy 100 Minutes, GB Exclusives, GB Exclusives - GB Minutes

h100 - healthy 100 minute - 8 secrets of a healthy 100 - des cummings jr. - 100

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