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Growing Bolder Minute: Songs From the Heart

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Posted on February 24th, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Ginger loved to sing, so at mid-life she took a risk and decided to become a full-time performer. She started writing music, and after years of searching for fulfillment, she finally found it. She just never expected her music to strike a chord with the audience it did.

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--True Stardom in Unexpected Places (extended video)

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singing - lifelong learning minutes - ginger! - performance - entertainment - music

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  • Posted 6:46am February 27th, 2010
    It goes without saying that I am a Ginger! fan. She has a gift I can only envy and that gift is not just to sing, but to encompass he entire audience in a gigantic hug every time she performs. I have some of her recordings and every time I listen to her she touches my heart with her beautiful voice and the obvious warmth in her soul. I love words and Ginger wrote a good deal of the songs she sings. To me, that is a talent that is very rare. We all love you, Ginger!  Keep on singin', my friend!


  • Posted 10:30pm February 25th, 2010

       I am proud to be the first comment for a remarkable singer and songwriter.

      I also happen to be her older sister who is soooooo very proud of her!!!

      I have gone with her to the nursing home and saw how these precious people just love

      her to pieces. She makes each and everyone of them feel that they are special.

     Their smiles are worth more than anything on this earth and they have so much love for a

     young lady who comes to make them feel young again.  I thank my sister for being the person

     that she is,loving,careing and giving to all she comes in contact with. 

     God bless you Ginger .  I hope you will be singing for all of us for many more years to come.

     Your sister and friend, Jo Ann

     I hope all her fans will write a comment.


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