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Growing Bolder Radio Show: Aug. 6, 2011

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Posted on August 6th, 2011 at 5:58 am

Joe Cross had a great family and a successful career. But he was extremely overweight, sick and slowly dying. He explains what motivated him once and for all to change his life. He's down more than 100 pounds and off his medication. Find out how.

As a teen, Karen Putz lost her hearing while barefoot water skiing. More than 25 years passed, but her desire to get back on her feet kept burning within. So she decided to listen to her heart and pursue her passion. (Click here to watch the video version of this story)

Five years ago, at the age of 100, Laura Simon became a first-time author when she penned her autobiography "I Am Still Here." Now 105, she's on a mission to rally the elderly in this country to stay active and engaged.

Growing Bolder is all about pursuing passions. And sometimes that means quitting your job as a successful Washington attorney to do what you love best -- running ultramarathons. Find out why Bryon Powell gave up a legal career to run.

In the early 1970s, no one was bigger than Grand Funk Railroad. Mark Farner was the group's lead singer, guitarist and songwriter, and he says the lessons he learned then remain true today -- it's all about love. He shares his new music and explains how working with greats like Ringo Starr and Billy Preston continues to inspire him today.

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GB Exclusives
GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show


marc middleton - bill shafer - joe cross - mark farner - growing bolder radio show - karen putz - laura simon - bryon powell

GB Exclusives, GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show

bryon powell - mark farner - joe cross - growing bolder radio show - laura simon - karen putz - marc middleton - bill shafer

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