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Growing Bolder Radio Show: June 25, 2011

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Posted on June 25th, 2011 at 5:20 am

The fact that three-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner is even alive is amazing. But wait until you hear how he's taking other survivors to the top of the world to give everyone hope. You'll learn just how big of a difference one person can make. 

One moment Carolyn and Chad Moor were celebrating their love. The next, he lay dying, the victim of a hit-and-run car accident. During their final moments, Carolyn made three promises that she's spent many years and tears trying to keep. (Click here to watch the video version of this story)

By age 20, Hank Brunjes had taken Broadway by storm and was sharing the stage with some of the biggest stars in the world. But what happens when you age out of Broadway? You find a new way to keep dancing!

Carla Ulbrich considers herself a professional smart aleck. But when she was diagnosed with lupus, at first she didn't think it was so funny. Now, she's found that humor may really be the best medicine. Listen to her funny take on healthcare.

Nothing can hold you back in life like a bad relationships and nothing else can make you soar like a good one. Best-selling author Lisa Oz helps you discover your "authentic self," which she says will have ripple effects on EVERY relationship in your life.

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GB Exclusives
GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show


lisa oz - sean swarner - carla ulbrich - bill shafer - hank brunjes - marc middleton - growing bolder radio show - carolyn moor

GB Exclusives, GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show

sean swarner - lisa oz - bill shafer - carla ulbrich - carolyn moor - marc middleton - hank brunjes - growing bolder radio show

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