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Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell

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Posted on May 15th, 2010 at 4:56 am

Russell Hitchcock is the unmistakable voice behind some of the most recognizable tunes of the ‘80s written by Graham Russell and released as the pop-rock sensation Air Supply.

Some of their hits include "Lost In Love," "All Out of Love" and "The One That You Love." What you might not know is they are still together, still writing and recording and still playing the songs that take you back to your youth!

Did you know that Graham Russell says he wrote "Lost in Love" in just 15 minutes? And Russell Hitchcock says the two have never had a fight? Gain some insight into the inner workings of one of rock music’s most endearing and prolific songsters.

For tour dates and the latest Air Supply news, visit http://www.airsupplymusic.com/index.shtml!

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graham russell - music - russell hitchcock - performance - air supply - gb radio

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gb radio - music - russell hitchcock - graham russell - performance - air supply

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