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Stand Up and Fight

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Posted on September 20th, 2011 at 8:58 pm

We love to tell the stories of cancer survivors, people who stare death in the face and beat it, then go on to live rich, fulfilling lives. But it doesn’t always happen that way.

Michele Ann Salvo did not win her fight. Yet, she was one of the most fearless, courageous and caring souls we’ve ever met.

Through this, her final interview, her legacy was defined and her fight continues … 

Additional Resources:

-- Click here to visit Michelle' YouTube channel and watch her video blogs about her 

-- Stand Up and Fight by Michele Ann is available on iTunes

-- Click here to learn more about the Cleveland Clinic breast cancer vaccine mentioned in this story.

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  • Posted 8:35pm March 12th
     I had ovarian cancer at the age of 12-25 until they took everything out at the age of 25, no husband and no babies. I wanted to tell you that Endometrosis IS a Cancer they said it was not but according to the military it sure was!! I could not enter this so my life long dream of traveling and flying aircraft was gone to a desk job that I hated till the moment I retired 20 yrs ago. so now unemployed and helping a great cause... I long for someone to help us... Help our organization get recruits and volunteers to our great company charity.. My Hope Chest.org  I hope that you can help us and we help you too.

  • Posted 8:50pm September 24th, 2011

    Michelle Ann's video made it's way into my email on the weekend before I go for tests.  I was told, "It's breast cancer until proven otherwise."  To know that she gave her last day of life to us to make certain we know there is a vaccination in Cleveland, Ohio on a shelf, one that has been proven to prevent breast cancer AND to stop the growth of breast cancer. 

    Share this video, please - and take time to watch all her videos.  Spread the information.  We have work to do, ladies. 

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