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Breathing Easy Again

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Posted on January 10th, 2008 at 3:39 pm

When doctors told Reuben McDonald that his failing lungs only had a few breaths left in them, he decided to become his own health advocate.  After a double lung transplant, he's breathing easy and sharing his story with others who have lost hope.

Total Length: 03:45 Views: 5,625 Comments: 3 Favorited: 0 Rating: 4 Votes: 2


Health - Conditions & Diseases
GB Topics - Overcoming Obstacles
Relationships - Marriage
Sports - Motorsports


surgery - health - marriage - disease - double lung transplant - reuben mcdonald - medicine - family

Health - Conditions & Diseases, GB Topics - Overcoming Obstacles, Relationships - Marriage, Sports - Motorsports

reuben mcdonald - disease - marriage - double lung transplant - medicine - family - health - surgery

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  • jacki 002.jpg
    Posted 1:12am March 28th, 2008
    God bless you Reuben. Treasure every moment and KEEP ON RIDING!

  • Posted 4:43pm January 14th, 2008

    Reuben and Jeanette McDonald, my grandparents, are two of the most wonderful people in the world. I feel so blessed to have them as such a big part of my life. I know now that the future looks so bright for them and our family. Thanks to such a miracle, I was able to play golf with my grandfather again for the first time in years. I can laugh with him again, and I look forward to the day that Grandpa can walk me down the isle. I love you grandma and grandpa, so much. There are no two people more deserving of this blessing than you. I don't know where I would be without either one of you, and I want you to know just how thankful I am.




  • Posted 2:07pm January 11th, 2008
    Reuben and his wife, Jeanette, are special friends and we were privileged to share the day of surgery with them and to witness a miracle and now - life begins anew and the Harley is finally getting some miles. 

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