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Marsha Bemko

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Posted on December 12th, 2009 at 4:52 am

It was way back in 1996 when PBS took a chance on a quirky new program called "Antiques Roadshow." Executive Producer Marsha Bemko remembers how difficult it was to convince network executives that the show would be a success.

Even today, she says, you have to watch it to understand why it works. But it has been a wild success and has even made celebrities out of antiques dealers. Still, Marsha insists the stars are the people from all around the country who bring their fascinating items in to be appraised.

Marsha talks with us about the surprising effect the recession had on the show and some of the most fascinating discoveries in the show's history.

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Living - Hobbies & Collections
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GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show
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pbs - money - antiques roadshow - collectors - antiques - tv - marsha bemko

Living - Hobbies & Collections, GB Exclusives, GB Topics, Entertainment, Money, Living, GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show, GB Topics - Passions, Entertainment - Television, Money - Other

pbs - money - collectors - tv - antiques roadshow - antiques - marsha bemko

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