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Tubes, Transformers and Tragedy

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Posted on April 23rd, 2009 at 12:49 pm

If you have a vintage radio or know anyone who does you're going to want to remember Dennis G. Williams. He is one of a very few people you can turn to for expert, full-time antique radio repair and restoration. He has four decades of experience at his craft and his business, Radio Relics has a reputation for quality, honesty and integrity that spreads clear across the country. The only thing more interesting than what he does for a living, is who he is as a person.

His path in life was paved by pain and loss. By the time he was 12 he had lost both his parents, one to a car accident and one who was killed on the job. Dennis did the best he could to deal with it. It seemed the one constant in his life was his bedside radio. Like many young boys he became fascinated by taking things apart and unlike many young boys he found he had an aptitude for putting them back together again!

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  • Posted 9:20am October 10th, 2009

    I came across this video of Dennis. You can tell he is a happy man doing what he loves to do. I have been playing with radios for 51 years and still enjoy what we call "the smoke test." That is, after you have fixed the problem, turn it on and see if it works!

    The best of everything to you Dennis.

    Dave K3KEM

  • Posted 2:02pm May 21st, 2009
    I've had the pleasure of calling Dennis a friend for many years now. I've never met a more dedicated person than Dennis when it comes to his craft. He really does have a great love for these nostalgic pieces and we all are the better for it. Dennis keeps these great old set going, so that we, who also share his passion, can continue to enjoy them. Yes, Dennis is a good friend. This is true in light that I still owe him money towards the last radio he fixed for me. The checks in the mail, Dennis...

  • Posted 2:45pm May 1st, 2009
    I love the passion you have for radio's I love old radio's and the next one I buy that needs TLC I will ask for your help for you really know and love what you do keep the good work up
    love Ms Luba

  • Posted 2:13pm April 24th, 2009
    Good for YOU, Dennis. I grew up with radio also and it will never be the same as it once was but theres lots of fond memories. Keep up the good work!~ Mary.

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