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Puppy Love

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Posted on June 9th, 2010 at 7:51 pm

We recently featured this post from GB Member Dogwoman in the We Love Animals discussion:

"Recently the shelter I work at took in 19 dogs from a hoarding situation in Mississippi. One of those dogs, Houdini, a black lab mix who has heartworm and pellets all through her body from being shot at, was pregnant. Houdini gave birth to 4 adorable puppies (2 boys and 2 girls), who my husband and I are now fostering."

In fact, the mother (Houdini) was so skinny when she arrived at The SPCA of Central Florida that the staff didn't realize she was pregnant until she started giving birth.

These puppies are strong survivors, and they've shown remarkable growth in the past 7 weeks. They are going to be big, smart adult dogs!

This week Deb (GB Member "Dogwoman") brought the pups to GB's Worldwide Headquarters so they could get used to meeting and playing with new people.

Wally, Astrid, Lulu, and Ty will be going up for adoption next week. Being cute puppies, they will get adopted quickly.

There are dozens of sweet, adorable dogs at the SPCA's shelters that need loving homes -- most of them aren't fortunate enough to get a TV camera pointed in their direction.

For those interested in bringing home a dog or cat, please consider your local non-profit shelters. So many pets need our love.

Houdini is well on the road to recovery, and she will stay with Dogwoman and JasonCam for several more weeks before going up for adoption herself.

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puppies - pets - shelter - spca - rescue - adoption - dogs

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  • Posted 12:01pm June 10th, 2010

    Companion animal rescue can be very rewarding but it is also a heart breaker. Good job folks.


                  Carl KC Rescue

  • Posted 11:55am June 10th, 2010

     Ohmygosh, they are ADORABLE!!!!  Hopefully they will be adopted by loving families.

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