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Donna Dewberry Grows Bolder With One Stroke

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Posted on June 3rd, 2008 at 11:24 am

She was a stay-at-home mom who had an idea. A simple, easy way for millions to create beautiful works of art. Seemingly overnight, Donna Dewberry and her One Stroke painting technique became a huge hit on PBS and QVC, and turned Donna into an international celebrity!

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  • Posted 3:37pm June 14th, 2009
    I am a One-Stroke Certified Instructor (OSCI) by Donna Dewberry, residing here in Lakeland, Florida with my husband. 

    I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Donna personally.  She's a wonderful person, and I was blessed to meet her.

    Ann Hild, OSCI

  • Posted 7:16pm June 12th, 2008

    Like many of those that have commented and those that have not, my life too has been touched by Donna and "her magic brush," which has put a passion for color, art and creativity in my life that I did not have in my first career (worked 17 great years at a leading pharma mfr.)  Today, I lead a team of painters who provide face painting, tattoos and makeup artistry to parties, costume events, corporate picnics and school functions.  If Donna had not shared her gift, then I would have been unable to share mine, enabling me to be home and watch my children grow.  The two of them, now entering their teenage years have joined mycompany and are pursuing their own productive art lives in a way I had never imagined when I worked in a corporate job.  Thank you Donna for teaching me that I may not be able to draw, but "my" type of artwork is no less creative and no less joyful than those of a fine artist.  Perhaps, when I consider the teaching I have done and the students' enthusiasm reflected back at me, I know that I have paid it forward.  May they find as much joy in their painting as I have found in mine.  Thank you Donna.

  • Posted 11:01am June 12th, 2008
    I am like many others who have found Donna and had life changing experience.  A former "disgruntled" Letter Carrier, I became an OSCI in 2002, quit the PO in 2003, became a CMOT in 2005 and continue to grow my business with classes, supplies, and craft shows.  My business name is Blessings Everywhere, and my motto is "there are blessings everywhere, you just need to be aware!"  My time of stress at the PO was what lead me to Donna on QVC.  I would not have seen her otherwise.   The "pay it forward" of Donna's teaching is astounding.  As she has touched my life, I have been able touch others.  Thank you so much for this gift!

  • Posted 10:27am June 12th, 2008
    In 1997 I became a One Stroke Certified Instructor and began teaching at craft stores and at home.  My favorite classes were teaching the elderly and children.  Donna and Marc supported me and my painting career in every way.   Six months later I became an Elite Certified Instructor and my classes grew, as did my business of painting murals and borders.  Due to the support from Donna and my love of painting, at the age of 55 I went back to college and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts.  My hobby became my passion early on and the BA gives me more confidence.  I now teach color theory and marketing as well as paint!  Donna inspires me with her drive, determination and attitude.  I am very proud to be an Elite instructor!

  • morning-glory-pool.jpg
    Posted 11:33pm June 11th, 2008

    Becoming a Donna Dewberry certified instructor, has been a real hoot for me.

    I teach every week senior citzens, who in return, make items to sell at two

    craft shows each year.  The money earned goes to missions. this has been

    a blessing.  Learning the Donna Dewberry methods, has made me a better

    instructor.  Thank-you Donna!! for sharing your methods.

  • Posted 10:35pm June 11th, 2008

    To say that Donna has changed my life would be an understatement!!  Donna has enabled me to find what I was missing in my life.  I used to love to paint when I was a child, but never pursued it because I had no talant.  I found out from Donna that if you want something bad enough, you can and will make it happen.  Thanks to Donna, I have added joy to other people's lives by giving them something I painted; I also make extra money by teaching others the joy of painting, and now I am craving to learn more!  Donna is always showing us new and different ways to expand our painting and creativity.  Donna will always hold a special place in my heart and I will be eternally grateful to God for leading me to her.  thanks Donna!  you're a peach!

    Vicki Alley

  • Posted 10:26pm June 11th, 2008

    Thanks to Donna I revived a childhood dream to follow my many Italian family members into the world of art, music and poetry. Donna has been my inspiration for 7 years. She has opened the door for me in the discovery of Folk Art the One Stroke way. I have even incorporated it to my china painting techniques and in the glazing of my pottery creations. I have since added oil painting to my art descovery portfolio, but continue teaching One Stroke Painting in Tennessee and whenever I visit my hometown in Italy.

    Ciao Amici Italiani,

    Sono Mara, amica di Donna Dewberry e collega insegnante della technica di pittura One Stroke Painting in Tennessee nell'USA. Ho appreso questo modo di dipingere 7 anni fa` e lo trovo tanto facile, piacevole e rilassante. Mi ha aperto molte porte portandomi alle decorazioni di ceramica, e contratti di freschi decorativi. Il mio Paese nativo Bolsena, nella provincia di Viterbo nel Lazio e stato il primo ad ospitare la mostra One Stroke nell'Estate del 2004 con molto successo. Spero ritornarci il prossimo anno e visitare One Stroke Italia.

  • Posted 3:10pm June 11th, 2008

    I always wanted to beable to paint like the other crafters I saw at shows.  I have done craft shows for some time but my painting amounted to what I called coloring book painting.  I always felt I that I could never paint like what I saw out there.  Finally I took a One Stroke 6 week adult class at a local high school and again for a second session.  Not only did I enjoy the classes, I learned to paint the One Stroke Method.  I admired watching Donna Dewberry. she made it look so easy and I found out it was an easy method to learn.  Although I have never met Donna, I felt a closenest to her as I am a mother of seven children too.  I liked doing the craft shows as it was a way to earn extra spending money besides the fact it was good for self-esteem to beable to create things. 

      I became a Certified One Stroke Paint Instructor in 2005.  I first taught classes at Michael's until they dropped their classes.  I immediately started teaching at Hobby Lobby after they called me to see if I want to teach there .  I was also called by JoAnn Fabrics to teach, but I wanted to try Hobby Lobby.  I am rebuilding  with new students there and appreciate my students that followed me.  I am creating my own class projects which has also challenged me.  I enjoy not only painting  but having the opportunity to teach others to paint.  As a child I wanted to be a teacher,  who would know that today I am a teacher.  I am teaching a method of painting that is easy to do and rewarding when my students are  excited with their accomplishments.  Thank you Donna and congratulations!

  • Posted 1:47pm June 11th, 2008

    Ciao, mi chiamo Marzia, vivo in Italia e sono una Elite Director di Donna Dewberry! Questo metodo di pittura è fantastico e io ne sono molto innamorata.Da quando conosco questa tecnica non ho più smesso di dipingere, la velocità e la semplicità hanno fatto di questo metodo il più ricercato in tutti i negozi di craft and hobby.Ho tanti allievi in Italia che mi seguono da molto tempo, e formiamo anche dei futuri insegnanti OSCI.Ciao a tutte e ...Happy painting!!!

    visita il mio sito www.onestroke.it


  • Posted 11:03am June 11th, 2008
    Donna Dewberry and Onestroke Painting have changed my life!
    I first saw Donna painting on a PBS program. I was so impressed at how fast and easy she could paint a design.  WOW !  I thought, I could do that.... maybe.  The first thing I did was go out and buy a book, brushes, and paint.  They did sit around for awhile waiting for me to have time.  When it came time for my vacation, I took it all with me and thought I could do this if I had some rainy days.   Getting started, I was amazed at how beautiful it looked.  That was the beginning and the rest is history!

    I took some classes, opened a shop, became a Certified Instructor all in 2004 and met so many wonderful students that had the same passion. My " I can do this" turned into my full time job.  I have also donated many hours to children, who are also amazing students and have taught me so much about their inner talent and can do attitudes.  Sharing this passion brings such rewards. 

    I am still learning and have attended more certifications with Donna and continue to be amazed at her talents. She is like the energizer bunny. She is truly interested in all of her teachers and students. She has an amazing family and staff that work with her and are willing to go above and beyond to help make your Onestroke experience unforgettable.

  • Posted 10:23am June 11th, 2008

    Donna Dewberry . . . WOW!!  What an inspiration.  I had never painted before nor heard her name before when I watched her paint on PBS and watched and watched.  Then, I simply thought, "I could do that".  One of the obstacles that prevented me from painting before were all the decisions.  What kind of paint, what kind of brush (have you seen the many choices at your local craft store??).  It was mind boggling for me and was full of frustration each time I THOUGHT I might want to paint something.  But, Donna took all that frustration out of painting.  You could purchase one of her kits that included everything - the right paint, the right brush, video, instruction book, patterns, etc.  And, when you ran out of paint, you could simply take the empty bottle to your craft store to replace it.  All those first decisions were taken care of and the obstacles removed. 

    I purchased a kit and it sit in my cabinet for a year.  Then, I saw her again and got the courage to get out my kit.  In my first attempt, I could paint.  Not only did a flower actually look like a flower (and not a frog or a blob) but a daisy looked like a daisy.  It was awesome!!  Since that time, I have become a Certified Level II Instructor under Donna.  She is in inspiration to us all - whether we paint or not.  She is so willing to share all she has learned along her path with all of us.  She is exactly like you see her on television or anywhere else.  She is loving and GIVING - of herself, her talent and her life. 

    And, at 50 years old, I found painting.  It has opened a whole new chapter of life for me.  I am a volunteer family advocate and mentor, tutor kids, etc for over 300 families.  For my tutoring students (150 of them), I can teach them painting as well as use painting to provide them gifts.  One Stroke is quick and easy so you can do many things quickly.  Thank you, Donna for sharing your gift.  Thank you, God for blessing someone that is so willing to share those gifts. 

  • Posted 9:45am June 11th, 2008

     "Donna Dewberry touched my life" it is probably the most spoken phrase I heard since I met Donna in 2004. I bought one of her kits on HSN and I loved it so much that I found a teacher and took a couple of classes but my schedule did not work well with the classes offered so I found a certification blurb in one of her books and signed up.  I had no idea I was being certified to teach her technique... I did pass the course and  I won the Grand Prize to CE (continuing education) that's were I met Donna .... I lost my son John at 22 and when I heard about Maria I connected with Donna forever. She is so loving and real that you can't help but love her. Yes "Donna Dewberry touched my life" you can't feel sorry for yourself when you know there are many others out there that are suffering a loss of a child too! When I feel down I just paint something. 

  • Posted 10:47pm June 10th, 2008
    I have been a One Stroke Certified Instructor since 2003 but have been painting with Donna for many years before that.  I was lucky enough to have her teach at my certification class and found her to be just as she appears to be on TV or training classes.  She is a warm and caring person who really cares about others and encourages everyone to share their talents. Having taught a lot of classes I know what her ideas and ideals mean to a lot of people and I admire her greatly.  She has developed something that has brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.  I get a great deal of satisfaction being able to pass that on. Thanks for showcasing a very special person.

  • Ann2-13.jpg
    Posted 11:44pm June 7th, 2008
    I am so happy for Donna.  I remember when she and her mom and sister Kim opened their craft store in Union Park next to the beauty salon where I worked many, many years ago.  I was always popping in to see what new crafts they had.  I remember taking a dough art class from her and kept the little strawberry jar lid top I made up until about 5 years ago when we sold our home in FL.  I also remember signing up for a couple of the craft shows Donna & Kim held at the Maitland Civic Center those many years ago.  I'm thinking it was 20 or 25 years ago, maybe longer.  You know when your are growingbolder, it is hard to remember an exact date.

    The first time I saw Donna on TV, I was so excited for her.  I hope sometime if I get back to FL I'll be able to visit with her.  I don't know if she would remember me after all this time, but she might.  Thanks to the home shopping networks I have several of Donna's art kits and the whole set of brushes in the nice wooden box.  My first attempt at Donna's One Stroke painting was my mailbox.  I must say it looked pretty good, but I think it is time for a touch up, as it has been a couple of years since I painted it. Thanks so much for sharing Donna on GB.

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