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Here They Come to Save the Day

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Posted on June 16th, 2008 at 11:38 am

A trip to Australia changed Bernie and Carl Moro's lives forever. When they returned, they came out of retirement and started a new business -- with worms. Worms eat and they excrete, and Bernie and Carl say they can make the world a better place.

Money - Small Business, GB Topics - Bold In Business, GB Topics - CEOs, GB Topics - Making a Difference, GB Topics - Unforgettable Characters, GB Topics - World Warriors, Living - Gardening

relationships - landscaping - marriage - plants - farming - business - family - worm farm - carl and bernie moro - environment - castings - retirement

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  • 3/11/11
    GB Staff
    Posted 6:50pm August 4th, 2008
    This is my kind of stuff, Ive heard of a lot of cheap labor here in FL but never thought about letting the worms work for you at no cost!!

    But honestly I dig what they are doing and I'll be getting dirty down the road too.

  • Posted 11:37am July 3rd, 2008
    How neat to see two grownups still "playing in the dirt" with such enthusiasm.  Great story!
    I try to recycle everything, and composting sure makes my flowers happy!!   It's made my garbage disposal obsolete, which saves lots of  WATER!  And that makes ME very happy, too!

    BTW- My son wants to start a nursery when he gets out of the Air Force Reserves, so he may be future customer for your products.

  • Posted 11:08am June 30th, 2008
    Awesome,  Every restaurant and every landfill should have this system.  What are we waiting for

  • Posted 2:03pm June 19th, 2008
    ~AMEN! Hooray for Bernie & Carl-keep up the good work!!

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