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Growing Bolder Minute: The Free Throw King

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Posted on March 17th, 2009 at 9:36 am

In this Growing Bolder Minute, you'll meet a man who once made 400 free throws in a row. At 83, he's proving it's never too late to shoot for success.

Get ready for more Growing Bolder Minutes. Health Minutes, Arts Minutes, Sports Minutes and more. Why? Because sometimes you're in a hurry and one minute is all it takes to get amused, informed or motivated. Keep watching the GrowingBolder.com homepage for more details.

Want to know more about Andy McGuffin? Click here to watch the original Growing Bolder story that inspired this minute.

Got another minute? Check out our GB Minutes channel to see other great :60 doses of inspiration.

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free throw - basketball - longevity - andy mcguffin - growing bolder minute

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