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Ned Overend

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Posted on May 6th, 2007 at 11:15 pm

Ned Overend is the Michael Jordan of mountain biking.

He is the first-ever world mountain bike champion and six-time national mountain bike champion.

At 51, he's still whipping the whippersnappers.

He talked to Growing Bolder about his unbelievable career, which includes winning World Cups while he was in his mid-40s.

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Health - Fitness
Sports - Cycling
GB Topics
GB Topics - Staying Fit
GB Topics - Sports Stars
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mountain biking - ned overend - michael jordan - 50s - cycling - champion - biking

Health, Sports, Health - Fitness, Sports - Cycling, GB Topics, GB Topics - Staying Fit, GB Topics - Sports Stars, GB Exclusives - GB Radio Show

michael jordan - ned overend - biking - champion - cycling - mountain biking - 50s

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