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Pat and Cat Patterson

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Posted on April 18th, 2008 at 10:58 am

Update: The Pattersons just completed another trip, and updated their adventures on The Growing Bolder Radio Show in 2009! Click here for that interview.

At the age of 62 and 48, after a life-threatening heart attack, divorces and financial problems, Pat and Cat Patterson decided to put their past behind them and start fresh together.

After meeting each other, the two decided that the best way to start over is to be bolder and they did just that with their grueling four-year bike ride across four continents and 57 countries.

Selling the things most spend a lifetime collecting -- furniture, car, businesses -- Pat and Cat set out on their life-changing trip. The couple says they saw things most tourists would never see because a bike was their mode of transportation.

The two talk to Growing Bolder about what they learned from their bike trip, what's important in life and their next extreme "vacation."

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