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Betty Rose

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Posted on November 28th, 2009 at 2:13 am

Proof that it's never too late, Betty Rose decided to take a class in tai chi when she was 78 years old. Now, a decade later, not only is she still taking the class, she's also teaching it!

She's a walking testament for what that exercise program can do for someone. Soon to turn 90, she's often mistaken for someone 30 years younger. She also happens to be the oldest certified tai chi instructor in the world!

You can hear the energy, serenity and passion in every word she speaks. She believes in the "pay it forward" principal and feels a great deal of debt to the sifu who taught her the ancient art.

Now, her life is dedicated to passing the same passion to as many people as possible. She says it has given her a new outlook on life. Despite advancing age, she's learned greater control of her body with grace and balance.

She says it's helped her manage her diabetes and arthritis without medication. She's an example of a better physical life for anyone who hears her message.

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  • Posted 3:32pm December 30th, 2009
    I started taking tai chi in August 2008 and it's been one of the best things I've ever done for my health and well being.  The classes were recommended to me by a friend who is 86 years "young." He knew that it would help my balance and overall health. Having broken both my right and left femurs (in two separate accidents - 2005 and 2008), my friend was aware of my fear of falling and my problems with walking and balance. He was already taking tai chi and suggested I give it a try after I completed my formal physical therapy follow up to my fall in April 2008. I was doing water fitness, but he felt that tai chi would help me too. And he was right! During the past year, I have seen tremendous improvement in my balance and perhaps even more importantly, I have lost my fear of falling. That was a huge step -- the fear of falling is, in itself, a big factor for those of us who have experienced a major fall and injury. Taking tai chi has shown me that I can exercise without the fear of falling and hurting myself. I enjoy my weekly class and I agree with Betty's story -- it does keep one feeling younger. I also have arthritis (early on-set due to cancer and its treatments) plus I'm a diabetic, suffer from sleep apnea and have asthma. Every doctor agrees that my tai chi has helped me a lot and I've been encouraged to continue taking classes. And like Betty, I would recommend tai chi to everyone. 

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