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Family, Friends and Pancakes

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Posted on June 24th, 2010 at 8:20 am

We feel blessed to be a part of the GB team because we spend our days talking to or in search of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. And what we've learned is that anyone can do it. All it takes is passion. And the best thing about passion is that it's contagious. Dr. Jack Beattie has it. And his family and friends have caught it.

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swimming - jack beattie - teams - health - water sports

Sports - Water Sports, GB Topics, Health, Relationships, Sports, GB Topics - Sports Stars, Health - Conditions & Diseases, Relationships - Friendships

jack beattie - health - swimming - teams - water sports

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  • Posted 7:39pm June 25th, 2010

    Wow!!! What an awesome video and I'm so bummed I missed the lake swim this year. It looked like everyone had a blast!!!

    I have been fortunate to know the whole Beattie family for OVER 30 years if that's possible.. and Jack hasn't aged a bit. He's always the life of the party, always the one in the middle of all of the action and all of us are always trying to keep up with him. 

    Ernestine is just as iconic.. she has the bod of a young woman and is a doll.  Together they make a dynamic couple.. and are the "names" that I usually "drop" around town!  

    Way to go Jack and Ernestine... you both are wonderful people and thank you for all you have done not only for swimming but for the community!!!


    Love you both! Mary Gardner, Winter Park FL


    PS.. Great segment Marc... and.. Does everyone know that MARC MIDDLETON is a CHAMPION BUTTERFLIER?? He swam at FL State and is pretty remarkable himself.. Mark.. you didn't even admit it.. you're part of the swimming family!!!  

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