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Cronkite Memories of Moon Landing

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Posted on July 20th, 2009 at 10:07 am

Walter Cronkite was our host for so many significant historical events. His passing within days of the 60th anniversary of man landing on the moon is a poignant reminder of what an important personality he was.

CBS News was appointment viewing because of the intelligence, poise and demeanor of Cronkite. Every news operation in America has been searching for the next one like him ever since.

Enjoy this brief reminder of a seminal moment in history. The sych is a bit off, but we thought you'd find this clip well worth a look!

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Technology - Space
GB Topics
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news - cbs - moon - moon landing - walter cronkite - space - nasa

Technology - Space, GB Topics, Entertainment, Technology, GB Topics - Big Names, Entertainment - News

cbs - news - walter cronkite - nasa - moon landing - moon - space

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