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Grandson driving the 1951 Ford

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Posted on June 27th, 2009 at 1:19 pm

A body off restoration by me , it is a daily driver for farm use and running to town. Have owned it for 18 years.

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Technology - Vehicles


sell - ford - years - grandson - back

Technology - Vehicles

grandson - ford - sell - back - years

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  • Posted 2:22am July 2nd, 2009
    Seeing your grandson in the drivers seat of your 51 Ford brings back a lot of memories. My first pickup was a 53 Ford with the flathead V8. It was always a great ride. I bought it in 1970 from a mechanic at work and it was all original including the dark blue paint. I kept it for several years until a mechanic (Orvel) I met kept buging me to sell it to him. Orvel bought it from me and he refinished the body (had no rust) and changed the colour to a red very similar to yours. I made a deal with Orvel after seeing how good the truck looked with the colour change that if he decide to sell it that he would give me first chance at buying it back. Orvel called me a couple years later when he retired and offered to sell it back to me for what he had paid me for it. I ended up buying it back and drove it several more years until things changed in our lives including having our 1st child. Along comes another mechanic I met over the years and he had bugged me to sell it to him until I finally gave in and sold it once again. Over the years I have had several different vehicles including 5 pickups from the 53 Ford, 68 Ford, 76 Ford 3/4 ton (similar red) for my business (purchased brand new), a Dodge and my latest a 2000 GMC 2500 crew cab to pull the 5th wheel trailer I bought last year to do some travelling after I retire later this year. I think of all the vehicles I've owned the 53 and the GMC I have now are my favourites. Happy motoring with your 51, I'm sure your grandson enjoys.         

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