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GOBO 105: American Spirit

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Posted on July 23rd, 2010 at 9:38 am

In this episode, an Olympic champion proves age really is just a number, and an American hero remembers a day that not only changed history, it changed his future. Plus, we pay tribute to some under-appreciated instruments, and a self-taught artist discovers his inner Picasso and puts his passion on the canvas.

Maybe one of the most famous Growing Bolder stories in the Olympics comes from Dara Torres. She was the first American swimmer to compete in five Olympics and the oldest female swimmer in the history of the Games. Now, her new book candidly reveals the challenge of going after a seemingly impossible dream.

The newest craze in music is one of the oldest – bluegrass! Its true roots lie with the common folks, like Johnny Adams, who fell so in love with the mandolin that he now makes his own!

When we heard that the residents of The Villages, Florida – one of the biggest retirement communities in the world – were planning to try and break a world record for the kazoo, we decided to document the day. We had fun, but it seems one person didn’t appreciate our coverage. So, we bring you the kazoo rebuttal – starting with a look at the story that got it all started

In 1984, at the age of 56, fighter pilot, daredevil and American aviation hero Joseph P. Kittinger Jr. made aviation history when he became the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a balloon.

Who says you need training to be an artist? Earl Nash was completely self-taught and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Find out how you can discover your inner Picasso and put your own passion on the canvas.

Reality? Who needs it? We take a look at the newest craze in technology, designed to make what you see, hear and feel even more intense.

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number american hero - just number american - olympic champion proves - american - changed history changed

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american - just number american - changed history changed - number american hero - olympic champion proves

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