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Mr. Tambourine Man

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Posted on August 24th, 2007 at 10:31 am

Ever want to see what a rock star is like when he's kicking back at home? Growing Bolder exclusively takes you inside the home of the legendary Roger McGuinn, founder of The Byrds.

Want More Exclusive McGuinn?

* Roger Rocks on Rails
* Inside a Folk Den Session
* Draggin' Cross The USA
* Childhood Gift Changed History
* Roger on GB Radio

Total Length: 02:38 Views: 15,348 Comments: 3 Favorited: 2 Rating: 5 Votes: 6


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guitar - tambourine man - roger mcguinn - singing - music - the byrds - performance - bob dylan - rock and roll - rock and roll hall of fame - entertainment

Entertainment, GB Topics - Big Names, Entertainment - Music, GB Exclusives - GB Rocks

bob dylan - music - singing - tambourine man - guitar - rock and roll hall of fame - performance - rock and roll - roger mcguinn - entertainment - the byrds

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  • Posted 10:22pm September 6th, 2008

    Ah...Roger & Camilla, a storybook romance made in heaven! 

    What an amazing couple!

  • Posted 10:01pm May 14th, 2008
    I'm a big fan of roger and the byrds. i'm looking forward to the release of the byrds live at albert hall 

  • Posted 9:50am January 15th, 2008
    Just want to say GREAT! I'm a big fan of the Byrds and a big fan of Roger's. It is nice to see he and his wife enjoying their life together.

    Chef Steve

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