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Oldest Rock Fan

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Posted on August 31st, 2009 at 9:35 am

He was always a big fan of rock music, but even Owen Brown himself never expected his musical taste to take the turn it did. Owen, at the age of 82 has fallen in love with heavy metal.

Iron Maiden, Megadeth, KISS, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple are among his favorites. But don't expect to find him doing his head-banging hooked up to an iPod. He's a traditionalist in this regard, he only plays his music on vinyl and on a record player.

Mary Brown has been Owen's wife for nearly 60 years. She supports him in his musical journey but Owen believe it's more of an attempt to humor him. She says he cranks his record player up loud. She says she can tolerate it, but it isn't exactly what she would choose to listen to!

Their son, Pablo happens to be a professional drummer, but even he shies away from the hard stuff. His passion is Jazz. He says he doesn't know where his dad's tastes have come from, but he supports him, and gets a kick out of telling everyone that his father is the world's oldest Metal head!

Enjoy this BBC report.

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vinyl - oldest - records - rock - heavy metal - metal

Entertainment, Entertainment - Music

heavy metal - oldest - rock - metal - vinyl - records

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