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  Want to know what's hot? Check out this week's top 20 blogs on Take a few minutes to read some of the most popular blogs written by your fellow members. And if your blog isn't on the list, get your friends and family to read yours and help it rise up the ranks! Be sure to check out the bottom of this list to see which recent blogs are starting to make a splash.

1. Eat Your Fiber: Katy Widrick
Who says fiber has to be boring? Get great recipes that will make your body feel better.

2. Happy Birthday Barbie: Katy Widrick
The world's most popular doll turns 50 this year.

3. It's About Attitude and You Need to Get It: Marc Middleton
It's time we are honest and non-apologetic about our age, Marc writes. He says we have the power to redefine what it means to grow old but before we can change society's mind, we have to change our own.

4. Becoming a 'Rock Star' at 53: C Diane Hawkins
After years of writing and playing music, C. Diane Hawkins finally achieves her dream of recording her own CD.

5. Bird Lady of Altamonte Headed for Heaven: Bill Shafer
The woman who saved the lives of countless birds dies, leaving a legacy of generosity and making a difference.

6. Some Amazing Stories on GB: Vickie C
Vickie explains why the motivational stories on make her reexamine her own life.

7. Ovarian Cancer ... Our Family's Story: Jackie Carlin
One of the most deadly forms of cancer strikes home. Find out the silent warning signs of ovarian cancer before it's too late.

8. Why HBO Should Be in Charge of History Lessons: Jackie Carlin
After watching the "John Adams" mini-series, Jackie wonders why all history lessons can't be this entertaining.

9. A Seminole Indian Burial Ground: Dave Knechel
Dave stumbles upon a piece of American history and takes a moment to remember those who came before us.

10. Inside a Master's Studio: Ruth Hamilton
In this excerpt from her autobiography, Ruth Hamilton, the world's oldest blogger, describes her unique visit to a world-famous artist's studio.

11. Growing Bolder Motivation: Pass it On: Marc Middleton
A story on master's athletes inspires Katy to train for a triathlon. A story on a weekly lake swim inspires Marc to take the plunge. A little peer pressure gets Marc and Katy out to the lake early one Saturday morning. 

12. The Mushroom Affair: Dave Knechel
What turned Dave off of deep fried mushrooms for the rest of his life? Read on and you may never look at those tasty fried morsels the same again.

13. Become a Bold Blogger: Jackie Carlin
Still shy about jumping into the blogging world? Find out how simple it is to get started.

14. The Baseball Bet: Katy Widrick
Marc bets Katy that she can't run around a baseball diamond in 1:45. Boy, does he get hustled!

15. My Life's in Jeopardy: Dave Knechel
After a bout with pneumonia, Dave realizes he's not living the party life he once led.

16. Top 100 Singers in Rock and Roll History: Katy Widrick
Can you name the top 100 singers of all time? Rolling Stone magazine takes a crack at the impossible task. Weigh in with your picks.

17. Give Me a Brake: Dave Knechel
Dave's father teaches his son a valuable lesson about the importance of paying attention to the little details when it comes to auto repairs.

18. Baby Boomer Rock, Roll and Unite: BabyBoomerBev
A diverse group of women finally take a little time for themselves and gather for the First Annual Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Spring Break.

19. Whiskey River and the Three Marlboro Omelet: Dave Knechel
Dave explains how a heated conversation with a card-carrying member of the KKK at a bar ends with the man rethinking his lifelong prejudices.

20. Swept Up by Hitler's Mob: Ruth Hamilton
Ruth continues to describe her historic trip to pre-war Europe in the summer of 1937. In this entry, Ruth comes within yards of Hitler himself at an impromptu rally.

Buzzworthy Blogs:
The following blogs are quickly rising in the ranks and they were the most-read blogs of the past seven days.

Twitter Connections: Are You Being Used by Social Media Marketers? by SheriSaid
Lately, it seems the whole world is atwitter over Twitter, the microblogging site that asks you to tell the world what you're doing in 140 characters or less. But are being manipulated and used by marketers? Find out the smart ways to use this popular and fun site.

7 Tips to Create a Room That Promotes Sleep by Amy KR
A good night sleep is influenced by many things.  If you are suffering from insomnia, sleep expert Amy KR says the first thing you should do is rule out where you sleep as the cause of the problem.

A Word of Encouragement Goes a Long Way by Linda K
Need proof that your words can make a big impact? Linda shares how some simple praise for a co-worker reaped big rewards.

A Little Harley Faith by Runs With Stilettos
When trying to decide where to sink her new influx of cash, Runs With Stilettos realizes the best thing she could do is to invest it in faith. Find out how she's hoping her little contribution to the economy will help turn things around for us all.

Puppy Love by Deedra Hunter and Elizabeth Whittemore
It's a sad fate many of us dog lovers have had to face at some point in our lives -- the declining health of our best friend. Deedra shares her heart-breaking story of her most loyal friend and companion's struggle to live and what he's taught her about life.

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