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Mary’s “gluten free” faves (Mary T. Wagner, © July 22, 2013)


A few months ago, I went "gluten free" on a lark. A friend with some serious health problems had seen wonderful improvement--not a complete cure, but a great improvement--a few months before that, and I filed it away in the "I should try this someday" file.

At--ahem--let's just call it "over fifty," I've got a few things going on that I'd like to see get better.I finally kicked off a four-day "gluten free trial" when one of my daughters was home for a couple of weeks while we all waited for my first grand-baby to arrive. (I'm going to digress here, but he is the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD...right after his mother.) And after four days of being "gluten free buddies," we both noticed the start of some significant improvements. 

We both stuck with it and are glad we did. In general, I can describe mine as a combination of 1) more energy, 2) less fibromyalgia pain, and 3) a tummy that behaves better. And as a result of our combined experiences, one of my former in-laws (I joke that I kept my ex-husband's family in the divorce) also went gluten free shortly after we started, and has noticed a great improvement in managing her diabetes.  Who knew??

I hear that there are WAY more tasty "gluten free" choices out there now than there were even two years ago. I'm still working my way through the GF sections of various stores and trying them out.  Friends and other folks ask me on occasion whether I feel "deprived" of my usual vices, and for the most part, I don't. Chocolate doesn't have gluten in it, so there's no incentive to give that up!

I DO occasionally have the yearning for a big chocolate donut, but...I've found that after several months away from wheat products, there's a big price to pay in the misery department for going back, even for a few bites.  

But...   Overall I'm living a pretty tasty life!  So I'm happy to share some of my favorites, and add to the list as I make it up.

Schar's GF Hazelnut Wafers.  Oooohhh...these satisfy my sweet tooth.  Very fragile, you'll get covered with crumbs by the time you're done with one of these individual packs, but just heavenly. There's also a chocolate-covered wafer by Schar that mimics Keebler's Fudge Sticks, but has roughly half the sugar in each one.  

Sam Mill's GF Dark Chocolate Granola Bars. Just found these the other day. I like these a LOT with a cup of coffee or tea.

Glutino's "original" GF crackers.  Okay, I joke that a lot of GF baked goods are like "old testament" bakery--not very resilient, not very springy, kind of dense.  And yes, these are a little more breakable than I'd like. But pull out a handful, spread them with something like Boursin's gourmet cheese, with a slice of beef or pork tenderloin on top and add some fruit on the side, and that is a REAL MEAL!

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