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    • Middleaged Sex-A Girl Chat 2.mp4 snap shot
      Middleaged Sex-A Girl Chat

      Let's face it...no, let's NOT face it, especially if you're on top! You may not know what you look like to the one underneath!! The Midlife Gals http://www.midlifegals.com

    • renee-18A_B&W_FB.jpg
      Setting the mood

      TAMPA - Lou and Carol Radwanski know how to set a mood. The creative couple - Carol sells visual merchandising to department stores and theme parks, while Lou owns The Arrangement Florist - will be married 42 years next month. “We’re both workaholics,” Lou admits. “So we schedule a weekly date night and we share the chores. But the real secret to our marriage’s success is that...

    • glass.jpg
      Passing Thoughts Before Work

      I just stumble across a blog/post as I do when I randomly surf the net, seeking someway to connect with humanity. Written in 2011, the post was written by man who offered up the theory woman after the age of 55 become celibate because both our libido and our emotional capacity diminish with age. No where in his postulations, did he ever take into consideration any gender responsibility. It...

    • Chris Portrait 3.JPG
      Decreased Sex Drive in Married Women

      It happens sometimes. You begin to notice that you are not interested in having sex with your husband as frequently as before or the thought of having sex at all is unappealing. Your sex drive seems to be decreasing and you are unsure as to why this is happening. There may not be any logical explanation at first but looking past the decreased sex drive to underlying issues may reveal one of the...

    • 4160333,00003,orig_1704_26-POD.jpg
      Sex, Viagra and Other Matters of the Heart

      Not every board-certified cardiologist wants to challenge the mantle of 83-year-old Dr. Ruth, a psychotherapist who pioneered frank discussions about sex. But Dr. David Sabgir is no ordinary cardiologist.According to Dr. Sabgir, the topic of sex comes up a lot in his daily practice. “I get asked about Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis ten times a day and most of the questions are coming from the...

    • Joan-Price1x1.jpg
      Joan Price

      Part of Growing Bolder is being able to talk about anything. Even sex! When Joan Price wrote "Naked at Our Age," she knew she might get some raised eyebrows. But she's determined to prove that sex can be better at 60 than at 20.

    • Barbara-Grufferman1x1.jpg
      Barbara Hannah Grufferman

      Beginning the journey into the second half of your life can be so confusing. That's why Barbara Hannah Grufferman wrote the definitive guide to life after 50, focusing on health, money, sex, beauty and more.

    • Midlife Sex.mov snap shot
      Panel Discussion / Middle-Aged Sex!

      The Midlife Gals tried to tackle this conundrum! Kk and Sal http://www.themidlifegals.com

    • gisele-guenard-facebook.jpg
      Kegel Exercises. Your Best Friend After 50

      Why should we learn Kegel exercises? How could law of attraction or healthy positive thinking concepts be part of this? Pelvic floor muscle weakness can lead to problems such as urinary leaks, or incontinence, the medical term for losing urine. This is common as we age, or after childbirth, when sneezing, straining, or when you ‘really have to go’, or for no reason you can clearly...

    • sassy_neon_sign.jpg
      Senior Tips on Making Whoopie!

      Had to post these...Thought they were too funny not to. Wear your glasses to make sure your partner is realy there.2. Set timer for 3 minutes, in case you doze off in the middle.3. Set the mood with lighting. (Turn them ALL OFF!)4. Make sure you put 911 on your speed dial before you begin.5. Write partner's name on your hand in case you can't remember..6. Use extra poly-grip so your teeth don't...


    Viewing 1-10 of 30