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    • Kittinger-4x3.jpg
      An Amazing Man You've Never Heard Of

      Joe Kittinger got to space first, and without a spacecraft. 49 years ago, in near secrecy, he accomplished a feat that no one has ever equaled. His courage paved the way for the success of the space program.

    • Marc-Sotkin16x9.jpg
      Marc Sotkin

      Marc Sotkin is one of the most accomplished and successful writers and producers in the TV industry, and even he isn't immune from the ageism that still permeates our society. He explains how he's had to keep reinventing himself to stay in the game.

    • Virginia-Savage1x1.jpg
      Virginia Savage

      Rock climbing, yoga practitioner, hiker and sports psychologist Virginia Savage says she has learned an important lesson through her many adventures -- you don't have to overcome your fears, just learn how to move through them. Learn more.

    • Leo Luken
      Leo Luken

      At 90 years old, Leo Luken may still be the most amazing golfer alive today. He's accomplished a feat no one else on the planet has before.

    • gloria.jpg
      Feeling Overwhelmed and Scattered?

      There are times in our days, running our business, working at our job that we sit at our desk or on our couch and wonder what to do first. We feel overwhelmed when a huge task is set before us whether it's moving into a new house, walking into work and seeing a huge pile of work that our boss put there the previous night or _________________ (you fill in the blank).We wonder if we're going to go...

    • Marcia Zimmerman
      Marcia Zimmerman

      Internationally renowned nutritionist Marcia Zimmerman offers tips on using diet and supplements to slow the effects of aging on your body.

    • Lisa Maile
      Lisa Maile and Art D'Alessandro

      Lisa Maile is an image consultant, professional speaker, success coach and stylist who's helped clients look and feel their best for over 25 years! Her husband, Art is an accomplished screenwriter who's proved your don't have to live in LA to be a success

    • Chris Portrait 3.JPG
      Teamwork at Its Finest: Lessons Learned From Teens

      Every now and then you get a chance to witness teamwork operating at its finest. Usually this is found in sophisticated work environments or in places where adults have known one another for a long period of time. I however have found it at a high school with a group of seniors who have come from a variety of backgrounds with enormous variations in economic and social status. As a...

    • Golf Club
      Kathy Moffett

      Amateur golfer Kathy Moffett doubled her fun with two holes in one in a matter of days, The Villages,

    • Sandy Scott
      Broken Neck to Broken Record

      Cycling stud Sandy Scott is a wildman on wheels. Just three years after breaking his neck, one of GrowingBolder.com's favorite members is not only back on his bike, he's shattering records and eating up competitors.

    Viewing 1-10 of 40