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    • Morgan-Freeman-4x3.jpg
      Academy Award-Winner Seriously Hurt in Crash

      Morgan Freeman is reportedly in serious condition after a car accident in Mississippi.

    • M.J.-Neary-4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: M.J. Neary

      Marina Julia Neary is an award-winning historical essayist, multilingual arts & entertainment journalist, published poet, playwright, actress, dancer and choreographer. Plus, she's Growing Bolder!

    • david-cassidy1x1.jpg
      David Cassidy

      The ultimate teen idol saw his life spiraling out of control, so he made some big changes. Now, he's sharing exciting news about a new TV show involving the whole Cassidy clan!

    • sally-kellerman-chair1x1.jpg
      Sally Kellerman

      She shot to fame with her star-turning role in Robert Altman's "M*A*S*H," but she says singing was always her passion. She says it's only with the wisdom of age that she finally is comfortable enough with herself to pursue it.

    • Julie-Andrews1x1.jpg
      Julie Andrews

      Julie Andrews is one of the most beloved movie musical stars of all time. When her famous voice was silenced after a failed surgery, many wondered what she'd do next. There should have been no surprises that she'd come up with something big.

    • Jerry Friedman And Students
      Teens Learn How to "Act" Like Grown-Ups

      Some of the wisest people in the world are sharing their stories -- through some of the youngest. Find out how one man's plans for leaving a legacy turned out even bigger than he had hoped.

    • fast forward.jpg
      Fast Forward - 25 Things My Mother Taught Me

      Isn't it strange that all mothers say the same things? This is another in our series of fast forwards -- viral emails being forwarded to family and friends.

    • Marc Middleton.jpg
      Growing Bolder With Roger McGuinn

      Follow Marc on Twitter When we arrived, Roger was running next door to deliver something to a neighbor. Camilla was hanging out with the window washers talking about Jesus. Just another day in suburbia -- except Roger and Camilla aren’t your typical suburbanites. Roger is Roger McGuinn, rock and roll icon. He was the founder and frontman for The Byrds. One of the...

    • Roger-Camilla-4-16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn in Studio: Part 4

      What's life on the road like for Roger McGuinn these days? He explains why he's very specific in the venues he chooses and what prompted him to leave the big record labels behind and become his own company.

    • Black Fox cover.jpg
      My Oath to Serve

      One of the most memorable moments of my life was taking the oath to enter military service. As I...


    Viewing 51-60 of 67