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    • ed-begley1x1.jpg
      Ed Begley Jr.

      You've probably heard that he's a environmental "weirdo" but actor Ed Begley Jr. says his path to green living was actually paved by a simple need to survive during his struggling early days in Hollywood.

    • Frank Taylor
      Frank Taylor

      Skydiver, stunt driver, parasailor, aspiring actor and ventriloquist and recent Clown Camp graduate Frank Taylor is always looking for his next adventure.

    • Dom-DeLuise-4x3.jpg
      Actor and Comedian Dom DeLuise Dies

      The Academy Award-nominated actor and comedian has passed away at the age of 75. DeLuise was best known for his roles in The Cannonball Run and as host of the TV Show "Candid Camera."

    • Michael Andrew
      Michael Andrew

      Merv Griffin has called Michael Andrew one of the greatest singers of all time.

    • Bernie Mac.jpg
      "The World Just Got a Little Less Funny."

      Comedian and actor Bernie Mac died early Saturday in Chicago from complications from pneumonia, He was 50. "Ocean's 11" co-star George Clooney issued a statement saying, "The world just got a little less funny."

    • Robert-Vaughn-1x1.jpg
      Robert Vaughn

      He's an Oscar-nominated actor who has appeared in more than 100 films, but thanks to the Army, he almost never made it on the big screen! The fates aligned, and Robert Vaughn is now writing about his "Fortunate Life."

    • James-Garner-4x3.jpg
      Actor James Garner Suffers Stroke

      Garner, an Oscar nominee for "Murphy's Romance" and star of TV shows including "Maverick" and "The Rockford Files," turned 80 in April.

    • George Takei As Sulu.jpg
      From A Star To The Star Belt

      George Takei is a star -- but now, he's also an asteroid. Find out how a trekkie just went techie.

    • Norma Miller
      Norma Miller

      World-famous choreographer Norma Miller has been dancing for more than seven decades and her career is still going strong.

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Older but not gone

      All too often there is a news story about the death of someone well known. How well known dictates the amount of publicity about the death. It ranges from a one liner buried in the newspapers, to a full biography of their life, to a mention on National TV networks. Well, this musings isn't about those deaths but rather a recognition of those that we seniors know well and are still living. This...


    Viewing 1-10 of 275