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    • cat-pat-patterson1x1.jpg
      Pat and Cat Patterson

      This husband and wife team has just returned from a four-month, 10-country tour through Southeast Asia -- on bike! Both agree that this is the best time of their lives.

    • Robert-Sullivan-3x4.jpg
      Robert Sullivan

      Author and Editorial Director of Life Books, Robert Sullivan has written a book that could literally be anyone's dream. He's compiled 100 of the world's best vacation destinations and the cover is only a glimpse of what's inside.

    • Chet-skydiver4x3.jpg
      Jumping for Joy

      We're opening up the GB archives to reintroduce you to the late, great Chet Poland. Chet was the world's oldest skydiver when he passed away in his mid-90's. We were fortunate enough to spend a little quality time with him.

    • Bill Booth: Exclusive Access

      Bill Booth is an inventor, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He's built an amazing life around doing what he loves.

    • shoes only get you so far
      Lucky Pup

      There's a new dog at my house. A baby, really, all of three months old. I'd forgotten, after thirteen years, about how I thought that doing "the puppy thing" ever again would kill me. Lucky is a hoot, though. Impossible to wear out, with his moments of charm, stretches of comic entertainment, and bursts of sheer joyful destruction. And as Paul Harvey would say, here's "the rest of the...

    • shoes only get you so far
      Teaching-a New Frontier!

      It's been just a year since the "teacher extraordinaire" who was my godmother passed on at the age of 82. And would you believe, on that anniversary I was busy preparing for a class of my own that I'm teaching these days. Whodathunkit? A year ago, certainly not me. But, then, I say that a lot lately. Mary Therese Griffin set quite the example for her family and her high school and grade...

    • Flyfishing Too!
      Good and Fun Reading

      If you have not read any of JANET EVANOVICH's book yet, then do your self a real favor and pick on of them up ASAP. What a delightful light and fun read everyone of her many "Stephanie Plum" books are. I am presently chucking my way thru her LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN book. like the title says, it is her 13th and everyone of them is great. PS She is also a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author....

    • shoes only get you so far
      FABULOUS IN FLATS is live!!

      "Fabulous in Flats," my third essay collection, finally went "live" a couple of days ago! It's available in both paperback and Kindle editions at iUniverse, which is the publishing company I used for my first two books, Running with Stilettos and Heck on Heels. I am so glad that I forged ahead and wrote these books, the experiences and friendships I've made as a result of that leap of faith have...

    • Pete3.JPG
      A Southern African Safari 2012

      A Southern African Safari 2012.3 Months, 14 500 KM, 4 Countries.PDF file can be accessed online by copying below URL https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxzc2Rlc2lnbmJpenxneDo1ZTRmYTVhNzBmYzkzYmNk

    • Southernmost Point, Key West
      Tom Tucker

      Tom Tucker rode his bike from The Villages to Key West and turned around and made the trip back.

    Viewing 11-20 of 146