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    • Dr. Sangeeta Pati
      Dr. Sangeeta Pati

      Dr. Sangeeta Pati combines the best of traditional and alternative medicines in her quest to promote healthy living.

    • Pilar Gerasimo
      Pilar Gerasimo

      Five years ago Pilar Gerasimo took a lifestyle and turned it into Experience Life magazine. Now she has 600,000 people reading her ideals.

    • suzy_cohen1.jpg
      Hot Springs at Home

      Dear Readers, Last week I wrote about “fountain of youth” hot spring waters which are super rich in minerals and sulfur compounds. These substances penetrate the skin and relieve muscle aches/spasms, arthritis and skin rashes. The warmth of the water increases circulation which helps detoxification and improves blood flow to the heart. I realize some of you cannot travel so recreate the hot...

    • Kris-Carr1x1.jpg
      Kris Carr

      Is prevention the only lasting cure for cancer? Meet a woman who was diagnosed with incurable stage IV cancer in 2003 and changed her entire life. In the process, she has launched a global wellness revolution and wants to help you live better today.

    • Suzy Cohen: Natural Secrets to a Healthy Heart

      Pharmacist Suzy Cohen gives exclusive tips to Growing Bolder. First up: your heart.

    • suzy_cohen1.jpg
      True Confessions!

      Dear Pharmacist, I saw your pictures of hot springs in Utah and you said that you’d actually fly to hot springs to get their healing benefits. This may be personal, but are you sick? What’s in the water that is so healing? I’m curious because around here, hot springs are for hippies only. --E.W., St. George, UtahDear E.W., Hippies? I am an Aquarian, so perhaps I qualify, LOL. The mere...

    • Recent - Love being a Boomer 4-2012.jpg
      Working my way around this site - please help

      Yes, I need to know how this site works, I keep going into my profile to find blogs, but, I guess I must write one here first to receive one. I am truly hoping to find more BB's in the Lehigh Valley, Pa and surrounding area's, are there any out there? I had to chose a category, so I chose Health-Alternative because of my academy - International Academy of Medical Reflexology, so, could we get a...

    • suzy_cohen1.jpg
      Sore Muscles?

      Dear Pharmacist, I moved some furniture last weekend and my muscles are still sore. This happens every time I exert myself, even from walking around the block. My muscles aren’t as resilient as in years past. What can I do or take? --M.J. Decatur, Illinois Dear M.J., Regular muscle pain is fairly easy to remedy. If it were me, I’d take a hot bath with Epsom salts and a few...

    • ride into sunset.jpg
      Green Trucking Concepts .com

      Trucking consumes 13% of the national energy!It's incredible that more is not being done to improve the average SIX MPG these 18 wheelers/monsters consume.All this is being done with a dirty-polluting and lung/cancerous non-renewable petroleum fuel.We believe petruleum should ONLY be used for 'other' roducts. We are aiming to 'truck' with 100% alternative fuels that are 90% cleaner, renewable,...

    • suzy_cohen1.jpg
      Reducing Cancer Risks

      Dear Pharmacist, My older sister had a mastectomy earlier this year. I understand that breast cancer runs in families, so now I’m scared to death so I’m getting tests done myself. Can you offer advice from your natural perspective? --R.Y. Seattle, Washington Dear R.Y., Let me say upfront that an anti-cancer lifestyle -and there is such a thing- is also an anti-breast cancer lifestyle....


    Viewing 1-10 of 71