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Items Related To Tag 'animals'

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    • photos_year_2002_13.jpg
      Bear Haven Man in Alaska

      Anchorage Daily News: Bear Haven Man Faces State Game ChargesAnimal Planet Special: Stranger Among BearsCharlie Vandergaw's type of activity is not done in many places in Alaska. This fellow was one place that went to great extremes, including touching and not just feeding the bears. A few lodges do it in another manner, they clean their fish catches in one spot on a regular basis and bears...

    • Growing Bolder
      Picture of the Day and B'days for Dec. 15

      Today is Monday, Dec. 15, the 350th day of 2008. Today's birthdays include actor-comedian Tim Conway who turns 75. Our pictures of the day -- albino animals in the wild.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: March 31, 2012

      Know what's really cool? Seeing how The Fonz uses his celebrity to change the lives of children. Plus, an extraordinary photographer is on a mission to photograph 6,000 species of animals, before it's too late. See how you can be bold in life, too!

    • Jason shoots from chase plane.jpg
      Foster Animals

      My wife works at a shelter. We've been fostering dogs pretty regularly since Hurricane Katrina displaced so many animals. Right now we're about to say goodbye to "Quentin" who was illegally dumped outside a shelter just days before Christmas (Happy Holidays to the jerks who did that, BTW). He's a puppy, and therefore quite rambunctious. We love him anyway, but have 3 dogs that we own, and need...

    • arctic-fox16x9.jpg
      The Growing Bolder TV Show: Back to Nature

      Helping the helpless -- some make it their mission to save the smallest and cutest creatures on earth! We celebrate the men and women who make a difference for animals. Everybody say "awwwwww."

    • DSCF0096.JPG
      Feeling Deeply (a blessing or a curse?!!!)

      skip to main | skip to sidebar I wonder why God gave me this personality of one who feels things so very deeply !!! I realize it is a good thing to feel things and care for others etc etc!! Don't get me wrong , I am thankful for what GOd has given me and how He has created me (well not always : ) ), but this "feeling" thing can be a blessing and a curse!I am...

    • suzy_cohen1.jpg
      How to Prevent Diabetes

      Dear Pharmacist, What is the number one thing I can do to prevent diabetes? --T.H., Seattle, Washington Answer: Avoid white! By that I mean white salt, white sugar and white flour. The white flour is particularly offensive because it contains a compound known to harm a pancreas. The pancreas is the gland you need for healthy blood sugar balance because it secretes insulin. Let me back up to the...


    Viewing 51-60 of 95