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    • Frank Lloyd Wright.jpg
      Frank Lloyd Wright

      Born: June 8, 1867
      Died: April 29, 1959
      Considered the most influential architect of his time. A pioneer ahead of his time and is easily America's most famous architect.

    • Phil-Kean-16x9.jpg
      Designing His Dream Life

      Phil Kean had a dream of being an architect, but put it on hold to pursue other business opportunities. When he turned 40, he realized: it was now or never. And now he's behind the blueprints of some of the most cutting-edge homes in America.

    • I.M. Pei
      I.M. Pei

      Born: April 26,1917
      The Chinese-born Pei, who became an American citizen in 1954, is known as the last master of high modernist architecture.

    • camera.jpg
      Picture of the Day: June 5

      Where is the coolest shopping center in the world? GB votes for Osaka, Japan. Check it out.

    • Essentials for Studying Abroad in Italy

      When you think of Italy, what sights, smells and sounds come to mind? Maybe you think of famous artwork, smell homemade pasta dishes and hear the romantic language of friends enjoying coffee together. But there’s more to Italy than these famous features. The country offers rich cultural and educational opportunities that benefit every student who wants to study abroad. Where to...

    • Laura-Bennett-1x1.jpg
      Laura Bennett

      She became an instant star on the fashion reality show Project Runway, and now Laura Bennett is tackling another cut-throat field -- motherhood. Find out how the mother of 6 juggles career and family, all with a sense of style and humor.

    • kombizz
      My name is kombizz kashani.

      I was born and brought up in Iran, a beautiful country full of history. I started taking photos...


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