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    • Bob-Matteson-3x4.jpg
      Bob Matteson

      For 22 years, Bob Matteson has lived by the philosophy of getting the most out of life not matter how old you are. For someone who's 92 years old – that's a pretty good concept.

    • Skip Rogers
      Skip Rogers

      Most would think a broken neck, a ripped Achilles tendon, two heart clots and a staph infection would stop an athlete in their tracks. But not Skip Rogers. The big-time cyclist is still riding and breaking records.

    • Lois-Ann-Gilmore-1x1.jpg
      Lois-Ann Gilmore

      She says she just wanted to survive -- but after battling two potentially deadly diseases, Lois-Ann Gilmore is thriving. She says staying in shape helped her stay in the game, and now she's smashing records and proving that it's never too late.

    • Ray Zahab
      Ray Zahab

      Ray Zahab used to be a smoker who lived an unhealthy life. After a few major life changes, he's on the other side of the spectrum, running marathons, raising awareness for important causes and living an adventurous life.

    • thom-gossom1x1.jpg
      Thom Gossom Jr.

      You may not know the name but you probably recognize his face from his various TV and movie roles. But it's what he did in his youth that you need to know about.

    • Rowdy-Gaines-3x4.jpg
      Rowdy Gaines

      The Olympic Games have been the definition of competitive for hundreds of years. And Rowdy Gaines has been the epitome of athletic success. He's a gold medalist, a world record holder and a member of the swimming hall of fame.

    • Swimming Pool
      Rich Abrahams

      Richard Abrahams was one of the world's best swimmers during his collegiate career in the 1960s, and amazingly, now that he's in his 60s, he is swimming faster than he ever has before!

    • ray-zahab1x1.jpg
      Ray Zahab

      Ray Zahab is one of the most amazing people you've probably never heard of. Find out how he went from coach potato to setting a world record in the world's most extreme place.

    • Lucky's Lake Swim

      If you like interesting people, you'll love Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer. He gets up every morning and swims across the large lake behind his house -- and he invites the world to join him.

    • SandySkype16x9.jpg
      GB WebChat: Sandy Scott

      He's an animal...a 70-year-old cyclist, survivor and nice guy, and he's the picture of Growing Bolder. We rang him up on his birthday to say congratulations and ask him about his favorite pastime: kicking butt.

    Viewing 11-20 of 135