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    • Selene-Yeager1x1.jpg
      Selene Yeager

      Looking for a fun way to get fitter faster? Hop on a bike! Fitness expert Selene Yeager has tips for picking out a bike and helping you get on the road to riding your way lean.

    • glenn-fenster1x1.jpg
      Glenn Fenster

      How far would you go to make a difference? Would you ride a bike 100,000 miles over 10 years? That's what Glenn Fenster has done to shine a light on a disease that affects his son and hundreds of thousands other Americans.

    • Georgia Kleinhenz
      Georgia Kleinhenz

      We all know the little old lady that lived in a shoe, but Georgia Kleinhenz is known as the Legendary Little Old Lady on a Bike. She got her name because of how many six-day bicycle tours she's done. Can you say 28?

    • Andy-Engert16x9.jpg
      Andy's New Bike

      Andy was born with fetal alcohol syndrome 40 years ago. His adoptive and loving parents have always encouraged him to get involved in life and he has. He has a job and gets all around town on his beloved bicycle. So, imagine his despair when it was stolen

    • John-Suscovich1x1.jpg
      Will Bike 4 Food: Around the World on Bike

      John Suscovich his leaving behind his job with Howard Stern to spend the next two years cycling around the world with his wife, visiting craft breweries and organic farms. He says he's simply spreading retirement out over his entire life.

    • Biker
      Marc Jarkow

      A few short months after battling thyroid cancer, Marc Jarkow grabbed his bicyle and took off for Paris to compete in a 750-mile race.

    • Sandy-Scott-rides16x9.jpg
      From Broken Neck to Broken Records

      A horrific wreck in a bicycle race at the age of 64 nearly ended Sandy Scott's life. It was at least expected to end his cycling career. Not only did he recover, he's rewriting the record books!

      A Call to Adventure - The Movie

      Hey Guys; Last year at age 67, I was emboldened to try something new (bicycle touring), and as a result I came across more interesting and stimulating people in the four months of riding atop a bicycle, than I had in my entire past ten years combined. Would you be interested in being part of something bigger, something that you and your counterparts will want to follow along day by...

    • Larry-Roofner16x9.jpg
      Crafting a New Future

      When we first met Larry Roofner, he'd quit his executive job to pursue his passion for woodworking following a heart attack, calling it the best time of his life. Then he nearly lost his life in a cycling accident. Find out how he's battled back.

    • Paul Nadeau
      Paul Nadeau

      At 77 years old, Paul Nadeau bicycled across 10 states for 66 days.

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