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    • Michael Andrew
      Michael Andrew

      Merv Griffin has called Michael Andrew one of the greatest singers of all time.

    • The Jazz Standards Trio - Big Band Style
      The Jazz Standards Trio - Big Band Style

      As a soloist, Peggy offers a studio produced show as well as with her accompaniment consisting of: a pianist, trio, quartet, 7 piece Swing and occasionally her 18-piece big band The Frank Sinatra & Peggy Lee Tribute Show and The Peggy Lee & Dean Martin Tr

    • alice in grey_1.jpg

      My public radio station, wmkvfm.org (home site to click on live broadcast), heard around the world on the Internet, is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and heard locally at wmkv 89.3 FM. It is a station targeted to those 50 plus, playing the American Songboo from the Big Band Era. In addition there's replayed all the old radio shows from Jack Benny to Fiber McGee and Molly, plus featuring bands...

    • Matthew and Gunnar Nelson
      The Nelsons

      They broke on to the scene as teen idols. Hey, so did their dad, Ricky. Even granddad Ozzie was a mega-star. You'll be surprised at what Matthew and Gunnar have to say about their musical legacy. These guys are outspoken and we love it!

    • Matthew and Gunnar Nelson
      The Nelsons

      Former teen idols Matthew and Gunnar Nelson come from one of the most famous show biz families in history.

    Viewing 1-5 of 5