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    • Bikini 1x1.jpg
      Picture of the Day and Birthdays for July 5

      52 years ago today the bikini made it's debut, shocking the fashion world and drawing immediate bans in countries all over the world. Find out more in the picture of the day.

    • Wendy-Chioji-Skype16x9.jpg
      Wendy Chioji Reacts To Her Viral Video

      We recently saw a huge spike in traffic. We quickly realized what everyone was watching: the behind-the-scenes footage of GB reporter Wendy Chioji's calendar photo shoot. We check in with the Internet's newest "it girl" to get her reaction.

    • lips.jpg
      Go Under the Knife to Get In That Bikini

      No doubt about it, it's swimsuit season once again. Nothing feels better than the sun on your body in the heat of the summer. But then again, nothing feels worse than looking down at your body and wondering what the heck happened to it!

    • Growing Bolder

    • Marilyn-Kentz16x9.jpg
      Marilyn Kentz

      Marilyn Kentz has one of the sharpest, brightest and funniest minds around. She is a comedian, writer, sitcom star, storyteller and a fearless warrior for women. She talks about her outrageous new one-woman show "WIll I Ever Wear a Bikini Again?"

    • YUP! It's Laurie
      Lift your feet....It's raining.....

      I keep tellin myself...Hey! it's beta..I'll eventually figure out how to get back in here without a fight....It's a great way to get out all my aggressions!! Like a sweet little ole' lady like me would be aggressive?? Did you know I was once reminded there is a difference between aggressive and assertive?? Just one of those fleeting thoughts that seems to pass through my ears and go...

    • Wendy-Chioji-pose16x9.jpg
      Behind the Scenes: Posing for a Cure

      At Growing Bolder, we say it's not about age; it's about attitude. And it takes attitude (plus a lot of chutzpah) to show this much skin! Find out why Growing Bolder reporter Wendy Chioji agreed to (swim)suit up for a calendar.

    • Raquel-Welch1x1.jpg
      Raquel Welch: Beyond the Cleavage

      She's one of the most gorgeous sex symbols we've ever known. At 70, Raquel Welch is still stunning but even more important, she's finally making her voice heard. Find out why she's ready to be known "beyond the cleavage."

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