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    • Robert Palmer
      Dr. Robert Palmer

      One of America's most respected gerontologists says you have the power right now to make your body last a lifetime, despite the genes you inherited.

    • edited%2047[1].jpg
      Quantum Healing-The God Factor!

      Greetings Pain Lovers!!Over the many, many centuries there has risen a philosophy in Judeo-Christian circles that we must suffer and endure pain because God is angry with us. That is a lie. God is angry with those that do not follow his guidelines. If we are a righteous Hebrew or Jew or as a Gentile we are saved, then we have many promises by God for our continued healing in all manner of ways....

    • Dr.-Frank-Wildman-1x1.jpg
      Dr. Frank Wildman

      Dr. Frank Wildman is teaching people how to regain the vigor and flexibility they had in their youth by showing them a new way to move their bodies.

    • gloria.jpg
      Progress Report!!!

      I had my acupuncture treatment yesterday and received a good progress report! My cognitive functioning is better and I should be back up and running cognitively in about 3 to 4 weeks! Woo Hoo!The physical end of things with my body will come along as it does. The jury is still out on that one.Today, though, was the first time in the last 2 weeks I did NOT get sick the day after a treatment! The...

    • Jim-MorrisNEW1x1.jpg
      Jim Morris

      Jim Morris is a bodybuilding icon who, at the age of 77, is more ripped, stronger and healthier than ever. He's smashed stereotypes throughout his entire life and now PETA is ready to honor him for his strong, animal-free body.

    • Growing Bolder
      Retiring from the Wild

      Now 73, The Leopard Man has moved to a retirement home after spending 20 years living in the wild.

    • Arm, Weight
      Mack Branham

      Mack Branham says he's just a man with a hobby. That hobby has netted him find national championships, four world championships and slew of records along the way.

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Just me and my...

      I have written before about the changes a body, my body, goes through as it ages.  Except for those disciplined few, we all add a few pounds.  Some overachieve and add even more weight.  For some, their walk isn't quite as upright as it used to be.  Perhaps it's just the weight of all those years resting on their shoulders that give them that stooped look. Somewhere along the way, we seem...

    • Eileen-Kisailus-3x4.jpg
      Eileen Kisailus

      Any mother, grandmother, wife or woman can attest to the changes going on through their body as they age. For Eileen Kisailus, she used her understanding of a woman's hormones to create a business that caters to just that.

    • lips.jpg
      Go Under the Knife to Get In That Bikini

      No doubt about it, it's swimsuit season once again. Nothing feels better than the sun on your body in the heat of the summer. But then again, nothing feels worse than looking down at your body and wondering what the heck happened to it!

    Viewing 1-10 of 478