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Items Related To Tag 'breast Implants'

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    • Meg-Nurse-4x3.jpg
      Orlando Breast Cancer Survivor Searches for "Nipple Tattoo Artist"

      In what would be a medical first, a breast cancer survivor and registered nurse has started her search for a “very special artist” to tattoo realistic nipples on her reconstructed breasts.

    • bev3.jpg
      Does Sex Still Sell at Midlife?

      As a television news reporter years ago, I always knew I had to be visually appealing. Although I wasn’t well endowed in one specific area, my body was very well proportioned for my size and I had that youthful, perky, cute look. Unfortunately though, as the years passed and I began to mature, my graceful aging became outdated and I was easily replaced by younger, sexier-looking women who...


    Viewing 1-2 of 2