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    • Deedra_sm.jpg
      Two Voices Separated by 1 Generation

      SING OUT LOUISE- When I was little, I competed in dance competitions. Hair plastered to my head, three costumes changes and make up fit for a queen. My mother was unlike all the other mothers in my dance troupe. My mother was not a "stage-mother." I was 9 the first time one of these moms asked if I wanted Vaseline for my teeth, and rolled her eyes at me when I politely declined. One year, a mother...

    • All the worlds a stage...
      All the worlds a stage...

      Where to start? Born Jose Miguel Feliciano. First of 6 children. Assimilated into the American culture at a very early age. Called, 'Joe' by my friends.Mom was a seamstress, dad worked at the Oyster Bar in New York City.Lived on 106th. St. in Manhattan: Two blocks from Central Park, and 3 blocks from the Museum of the City New York. First job at an Italian Bakery on 1rst. Ave. Love Italian food....

    • Petula Clark
      Petula Clark

      Petula Clark became a mega-superstar in Europe before crossing the ocean and becoming a household name in America with her hit song "Downtown."

    • Fountain of Youth Springs in Vegas, Baby

      Mega-stars who rose to fame more than three decades ago, including Cher, Elton John and Bette Midler, are finding a new home in Sin City. Find out why the neon desert is such a draw for these smokin' hot stars.

    • Dori-Berinstein1x1.jpg
      Dori Berinstein

      Tony Award-winning producer Dori Berinstein knows a good story when she's sees one, and when she heard that a group of senior citizens were doing hip hop dance routines at NBA games, she knew she had to tell their stories.

    • Ron Dante
      Ron Dante

      He sings, he writes award-winning songs and he's also one of the most successful music producers in history. Ron Dante has a plate full of accolades, including being the lead singer of a cartoon band.

    • Hamill Thumbnail
      Gold Medalist's Cancer Battle

      Dorothy Hamill recently revealed that doctors have diagnosed her with breast cancer.

    • Ernest-Borgnine1x1.jpg
      Ernest Borgnine

      Legendary actor Ernest Borgnine is living proof that it's possible to remain vibrant, valuable and relevant, even if you too are lucky enough to reach your 90s.

    • Marc-Bill-radio16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: The Video Show

      In this very special episode of the Growing Bolder Radio Show, we're sharing some of our favorite videos that perfectly illustrate the Growing Bolder philosophy. Join Marc and Bill inside the studio!

    • Julie-Andrews-4x3.jpg
      A Legend of Stage and Screen

      Julie Andrews has had a legendary career; from movies and television to Broadway musicals, and now, she's an acclaimed author.

    Viewing 51-60 of 67