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    • Growing Bolder

    • Ina 29 juli 2011.jpg
      Long lost friend

      Against the sweet colors of the setting sun the clouds started to fade when there existence had just begun and when I wanted to shut my curtains down, well there he was. His face had wrinkles now, his hair was white but still I knew he came for me, and I was right. We drank all night not many words were shared under the cover and when the clouds came back again, and sunlight...

    • Vietnam 2.jpg

    • Racquetball Tournament

    • Nancy Norstromv.2.jpg
      The Bristol Marquee

      The Bristol Marquee… Imagine our surprise when we went into downtown Bristol in late August and saw this sign outside the library. Actually my husband spotted it first while he was waiting for me to come out of Curves. As I came walking over to the car he said, “Turn around and look.” Somewhat confused, I did, and WHAM! There was this giant sign announcing my very first...

    • photos_year_2002_13.jpg
      Wolf and Bear

      While hiking, one of our groups came upon this combination: Wolf and bear! (Simyra©HalloBayCamp)


    Viewing 1-10 of 503